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RATE CONFIRMATION Order ID Please reference the Order ID on your invoice Shipper Consignee Name Address City/State/Zip Pickup / Misc Pickup Date/Time Delivery Appointment If you are interested in our Quick Pay program please call 412. 788. 8878 Option 1 for more information or check a box and sign below Stop/Pickup City/ State 4 Same Day 3 Next Day Signature Additional Information Commodity TARP REQUIRED Approx. Weight EQUIPMENT Rate To Carrier Driver Accessorials Carrier Description YES NO...
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Who needs a Rate Confirmation form?

This form is used by the American Transport company. It’s completed by the cargo’s carrier to determine the transportation rate and details of the cargo’s delivery.

What is the purpose of the Rate Confirmation form?

This form provides the details about the shipper, consignee, the place where the cargo is picked up and description of the cargo. The confirmation form is completed by the carrier and sent back to the customer. By signing this form, the carrier agrees upon all the terms of the delivery process.

The carrier will be fined for late pickup and delivery. The carrier should also keep in mind that any re-brokering of this load will result in non-payment.

What other documents must accompany the Rate Confirmation form?

The Confirmation form is usually accompanied by Invoice or Bill of Lading.

When is the Confirmation form due?

The Confirmation form is completed and signed before the cargo is loaded. The estimated time for completing the form is ten minutes.

What information should be provided in the Confirmation form?

  • The carrier has to provide the following details:
  • Information about the shipper (name, address, pickup date/time)
  • Information about the consignee (name, address, delivery appointment)
  • Details of the “Quick Pay” program
  • Stop/Pickup city or state
  • Additional information
  • Information about the commodity (name, weight, rate to carrier)
  • Accessorials (description and carrier pay)
  • Information about the carrier (name, phone, fax, carrier number or clearance number
  • American Transport dispatching terminal information (phone, fax, contact)
  • The carrier should also sign this Confirmation form.

What do I do with the Confirmation form after its completion?

The completed form is forwarded to American Transport, Inc. 100 Industry Drive, Pittsburgh, PA.

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Hi this is Matt with British transportation when transporting your Freight or products by a brokerage make sure that all the paperwork is in line here at British we have specifics that must be followed before we transport any product or freight we have what's called a rate confirmation we also have an original bill of lading both documents are coordinated with a specific hologram that is numbered to determine and verify all documents for the shipment are equal here's an example of one we use in our company as you can see the rate confirmation sheet has a specific numbered hologram in the top right corner the same sticker will also be on the original bill of lading to be given to the driver at pick up the information on the document includes the pickup location the consignee or where the shipment is going the details of the shipment and our process for getting in touch with us to confirm not only the rate let the pickup time addresses and any pertinent information we may need to know to forward to the driver and make sure this is a seamless transact you